Negotiations Update--February 8, 2018

The parties met for a third day of negotiations on February 8, 2018. Major topics discussed were:

  • Compensation
    • Proposed ongoing adjustment to compensation
    • Extra Duty Compensation
    • Salary Schedule Notes
    • School Calendar
    • Teaching Hours
    • Early Retirement
    • Home and Hospital Teachers
  • Incentive to increase average years of experience for teachers at Winship Middle School
  • Grievances
  • Transfers


The District proposed an ongoing 6% increase, effective July 1, 2018, to close negotiations for 3 years. This has an annual increased cost of just under $1 million. The District gave ETA the option on how to allocate the 6% across different priority areas, including the salary schedule, health benefits, extra duty salary schedule, extra support positions, etc.

In order to fund a portion of this increase, the District will be required to use LCFF (Local Control Funding Formula) base revenue and our Supplemental and Concentration dollars. Supplemental and Concentration funding is targeted at improving outcomes for students included in our unduplicated count (foster and homeless youth, students eligible for free and reduced lunch, and English learners) who are supported by new and increased services. Currently proposed new and increased services include an additional professional development day, increased collaboration time, and teacher supervision before, during, and after school to improve school climate and student behavior. Supplemental and Concentration dollars cannot be used for a general increase to the salary schedule without being tied to student outcomes or to new and increased services.

As part of its compensation package proposal, the District also presented proposals on various other articles, which have cost implications. The proposals included Article 7: Early Retirement, Article 11: Extra Duty Compensation, Article 20: Salary Schedule Notes, Article 23: School Calendar, and Article 25: Teacher Hours.

ETA presented proposals on home and hospital teachers and extra duty compensation (Appendix B) as well as a conceptual proposal on grievances.


ETA provided a conceptual proposal regarding grievances dealing with mutually recognized timeline problems. The parties engaged in productive discussion, and the District will present a written counterproposal on this article at the next negotiations session.


The District presented a proposal on Article 28: Transfer and Reassignment which included language to clarify timelines on involuntary transfers and to continue the expired provision regarding involuntary transfers unrelated to over and under staffing.

The parties meet again March 2, 2018. The District looks forward to continued productive negotiations with ETA.  

NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE - January 31, 2018

The District and ETA negotiating teams met on January 31, 2018 for the second session of contract negotiations for 2018-19.  Major topics discussed were:

  • Grievances
  • Extra Duty Compensation
  • Children’s Center
  • Complaints Against Teachers
  • Transfers

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Paul Ziegler reviewed funding streams for 2018-19, including increased Supplemental and Concentration funding, which is tied to services targeted at students included in the unduplicated count (foster and homeless youth, students eligible for free and reduced lunch, and English learners).

The parties held productive discussion over areas of ambiguity and concern in the Grievance article (Article 12), but did not exchange additional proposals. The District presented a proposal on Extra Duty Compensation (Article 11) which reflected its intention to update certain provisions and clean up old language. The District also presented a proposal on the Children's Center (Article 3) to bring the contract language in line with current practice. The District presented a proposal on Complaints Against Teachers (Article 5) to make the contract language consistent with state and federal requirements for complaints of unlawful discrimination.

The parties meet again on February 8, 2018, and plan to exchange proposals on Transfers and Reassignments (Article 28), Home and Hospital Instruction, Grievances (Article 12), Children's Center (Article 3), and the Extra Duty Salary Schedule (Appendix B). Further discussion regarding compensation proposals is also anticipated.